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Arice Bio

Arice started his professional photographic journey in l987 coming from a background of painting and sculpture. These perspectives show in his unique handling of the female form as well as in his studio portraits. Arice maintains a private studio in the Washington, D.C. area, and his works have been shown in both local and international juried art shows, such as the Instituto de Arte Fotografico in Lima, Peru, and the l998 Washington Center for Photography group show with
Leonard Nimoy as guest artist. Because of the great success of his website, especially in Europe and Japan, Arice has developed a very strong international following.

In addition to being a member of the Washington Center for Photography, Arice was also a part of the well-respected Washington Arts Group. His black and white photographs of congregational worship participants were selected for use as posters to advertise the Group’s work both locally and nationally.

With the barest overtones of surrealism, the figures in Arice’s painted works become more than flesh and bone and move into a realm where shadow and negative space dance with the curves of the female form. In summary, it might be said that the depth and breadth of the beauty in the female form are expressed in the works of this gifted photographer.